Not All Docks Are Created Equal…

Last week I was onboarded at a new company.  I will be working from home for the first time since I moved to California, so it was necessary to equip my home office.  I should clarify, I am an employee of the company that contracts me to them, so when it comes to equipment, some things can get muddled.  For example, the company I work for provides me with external monitors, as well as a keyboard and mouse.  The company I am contracted to provided me with a laptop, as well as a dock (both of which are Dell).

I was happy to receive two monitors to connect to my laptop; I saw the boxes and realized they were Dell, so there should be no issues, right?


Okay, I should clarify that the only problem is that someone at the company included video cables with the monitors… more specifically, DisplayPort cables.  The Dell docking station that was provided (Dell WD15) has two video inputs… neither of which are DisplayPort.  I figured I was going to have to go out to Staples and pick up a couple of cables… until I remembered that I brought with me from Canada a bunch of technology to set up a home office.

The Boss Dock from Juiced Systems, which I wrote about in Spring of 2018, was sitting in a box, complete with everything that I needed…


As you can see, there is not one but two DisplayPort inputs for me to work with.  Not only do I not have to look any further, I also do not have to worry about getting one HDMI cable and one Mini-DV cable, which the provided Dell dock would have required.

I was able to get to work without having to go out hunting for cables, and all was once again well in the world.

Thanks JuicedSystems!


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