Not All Docks Are Created Equal…

Last week I was onboarded at a new company.  I will be working from home for the first time since I moved to California, so it was necessary to equip my home office.  I should clarify, I am an employee of the company that contracts me to them, so when it comes to equipment, some... Continue Reading →

Not all Computer Docks are Created Equal…

When I first joined Cistel, I picked up a Dell Universal Dock (D6000) to use with my corporate Dell Latitude laptop.  It is a good little device, and it did the job just fine… until I wanted to work on my Surface Pro 4, at which point I would have to switch to my Surface... Continue Reading →

Surface Docked

Earlier this week I posted an article about the versatility of my Surface Pro 2.  Actually it was a combination of an article (Battery Up- Windows 8.1 on the Surface Pro 2) and a Facebook status update (See here).  I bragged not only about the battery life, but also how cool it is that I... Continue Reading →

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