My Next (and Previous) Challenge

I was in Montreal last week-end, and a friend of mine (Rick is a faithful reader of my blog) asked me why I have been so quiet recently.  I want to apologize to you all for being a bit cagey about what was going on… and to the myriad friends on Facebook who expressed concern... Continue Reading →

The 1%…

Last year when people were occupying anything they could pitch a tent near we started hearing a lot about the 1%… the ones who control all of the wealth, the ones everyone else was supposed to be supported by.  I did some quick calculations after checking my banks account and credit card statements and realized... Continue Reading →

My Certification History, and the Importance of Multi-Vendor Certifications

In 2001 I had an intern working for me at IGS Security whose name I cannot recall, but she was a student at LaSalle College, and was working toward earning her Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) certification. She and I did not get along very well, and she left early with a bad attitude… although... Continue Reading →

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