My Next (and Previous) Challenge

I was in Montreal last week-end, and a friend of mine (Rick is a faithful reader of my blog) asked me why I have been so quiet recently.  I want to apologize to you all for being a bit cagey about what was going on… and to the myriad friends on Facebook who expressed concern... Continue Reading →

The Price of Quality

During the summer I was sitting with a student of mine having a drink after class.  For those of you who do not know me, let me reassure you that I have not in many years taught anyone who was not old enough to drink. We were sitting in a bar in Portland, Maine and... Continue Reading →

Advice for IT Pros Planning to Open their Own Companies, Part III

In the first article of this series, Advice for IT Pros Planning to Open their Own Companies, I explained a bit of my own history, and why I was writing these articles.  The actual advice is split into sixteen points, the first eight were listed in my next article, Advice for IT Pros Planning to... Continue Reading →

Who Pray Tell is Jack Oprah: Missing pieces are easier to contend with than wrong ones.

As I peruse the articles I wrote over the past ten years, I am amazed in some cases how much I have changed.  This article, which amused me at the time, highlights the evolution in my career from putting out fires to serious consulting. -M <October, 2006>I was in my favourite cafe this evening and... Continue Reading →

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