A Modern Christmas Carol by Mitch

Twas the night before Christmas in faraway Japan One Jewish boy was still working with aplomb and elan. He tried to clear his dashboard of servers of red, While visions of sashimi swum round in his head. He raised his head up from his screen on occasion, To see some of his colleagues showing true … Continue reading A Modern Christmas Carol by Mitch

Haiku is the greatest form of flattery

This will be my last haiku on Windows Server 2012 of the week.  It has been a great week that has best been experienced seventeen syllables at a time.  However if you want to experience true greatness, download the eval of Windows Server 2012 and see for yourself the power of the cloud OS! Today’s … Continue reading Haiku is the greatest form of flattery

The Haikus continue–You are getting in on it!

Following my first two published haikus on Windows Server 2012, I got my first couple of submissions from you!  Sean Kearney, Canada’s foremost PowerShell MVP and overall enthusiast, sent me a few poems of his own.  Here is the first, with two more coming (thus far, and for those of us who know Sean, there … Continue reading The Haikus continue–You are getting in on it!

The Haiku Goes On…

Yesterday I began my journey to improve the world through haikus about Windows Server 2012.  Here is my second Windows Server 2012 haiku!  And remember… if you like the poem, you will love the product!  Download your evaluation copy today! Also… if you have a poem about Windows Server, Hyper-V, Windows 8, or Office 2013 … Continue reading The Haiku Goes On…

Windows Server 2012 Haiku

In 2009 there was a contest to write haiku about Windows Server 2008R2.  On Monday I was in a meeting with a colleague who reminded me of this, and I went back to my blog to see if I could find my original entries (A Windows 2008 R2 Haiku!).  It got me thinking… what would … Continue reading Windows Server 2012 Haiku