A Modern Christmas Carol by Mitch

Twas the night before Christmas in faraway Japan One Jewish boy was still working with aplomb and elan. He tried to clear his dashboard of servers of red, While visions of sashimi swum round in his head. He raised his head up from his screen on occasion, To see some of his colleagues showing true … Continue reading A Modern Christmas Carol by Mitch


My Japanese Diet

With two notable and disappointing exceptions, I have eaten only Japanese food since I arrived in Tokyo.  I have tried the Chinese restaurant one more time – it may taste good, but the food has not agreed with me so I will not be trying it again.  Other than that, really I have stuck to … Continue reading My Japanese Diet

My (Second) First Full Day…

Today (Friday) was my first full day of work at Rakuten… or at least it was supposed to be.  I went to bed at a reasonable hour in order to be well rested for my morning presentation to many of the stakeholders of my upcoming project.  Things do not always go according to plans, and … Continue reading My (Second) First Full Day…