Big in Japan: The Week That Was…

For those of you who follow not only my blog but my Twitter as well (@MGarvis) you will likely know that I have been walking a lot since I got to Japan, and my FitBit ( has all the proof you need.  You may also have noticed that Tuesday and Wednesday this week my daily … Continue reading Big in Japan: The Week That Was…


Back to Japan!

I got a nasty email today from a friend who is angry that I have been writing about PowerShell.  Actually to be completely accurate he doesn’t care that I blog about PowerShell, he is just upset that it has been several days (a week?) since I last wrote about my travels in Japan.  I am … Continue reading Back to Japan!

Another 500 milers!

Michelle Ragusa and I have gotten to know each other recently because of our nominations for the SMB150 awards. Well it turns out that we have something else in common - we both wear FitBits! 🙂 She sent me the link to her blog article on it - . It is amazing, because I … Continue reading Another 500 milers!