Maid Cafes and Gaming…

As you know from my last article I spent several hours on Sunday in the Akihabara section of Tokyo.  There seems to be an abundance of what are called ‘Maid Cafes’ here.  While I did not go into any of them, I was confronted by several of these maids on the street handing out fliers... Continue Reading →


I hadn’t planned to get up particularly early, but I suppose i am still a little jet lagged; I left the room at 8:30, had breakfast downstairs, and headed to the subway.  While I grew up a master of the Metro system in Montreal, I am still not particularly familiar with the Toronto subway system,... Continue Reading →

Japan: Day 1

I arrived at the hotel thoroughly exhausted yesterday, which I suppose is to be expected.  Fortunately the check-in process was smooth and simple, and I got into my room within five minutes. If I had to pick a single word to describe Japan so far it would be Efficient.  Certainly it is clean and everyone... Continue Reading →

Big in Japan…

There has been a rumour floating around that I was not happy at Microsoft Canada.  Whoever started that rumour was not me, and it could not have been further from the truth.  I have loved working with the DPE Team, I have loved almost everything about the past year. With that being said, over the... Continue Reading →

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