Thanks for your support!

Over the past few days I have received an incredible number of you asking what happened, if I am okay, and if I will be alright.  I can assure you I am.  Let me explain. A great many of you have known me as a Microsoft contractor.  I have been for quite some time, first … Continue reading Thanks for your support!

Thank you for your support!

What a year it’s been. That’s right, it’s been a year since I joined the DPE Team at Microsoft Canada as a Virtual Technical Evangelist.  I blogged about it here and I was as excited as could be.  I can assure you that the excitement has not waned for one minute during my tenure here. … Continue reading Thank you for your support!

Virtual Technical Evangelist

As I told you on Monday, I have a new role at Microsoft Canada.  As a Virtual Technical Evangelist (Windows Infrastructure) I will be working very closely with the DPE (Developer Platform Evangelism) team on events such as the Windows Server 2012 Launch Tour that we kicked off yesterday in Toronto. I was introduced to … Continue reading Virtual Technical Evangelist

The Dawn of a New Day

As I sit in my office getting ready to close up, it is a little after 10pm, September 3rd, 2012.  That makes tomorrow a very important day in the world of IT. Microsoft has announced that on September 4th, 2012 they will make Windows Server 2012, the newest generation of one of the most successful … Continue reading The Dawn of a New Day