Converting an SD Card to Permanent Storage in Windows Devices

So as you know I was all excited to buy the very first Microsoft Surface Pro.  I bought the 128 GB model because I knew that despite the fact that I have all sorts of external hard drives I was even likely to ax out 128 GB pretty quick.  Fortunately between Cloud-based storage (SkyDrive for... Continue Reading →

How Surface changed my thinking… and helped my shoulder

I travel heavy.  When going through airport security it is not uncommon for me to pull three or four laptops out of two laptop bags.  In addition to that I will have external hard drives, a plethora of cables, and all sorts of other junk.  It has resulted in very strong – albeit often aching... Continue Reading →

A Leaked Ad pitting Surface versus iPad? I don’t think so…

Ok so this is obviously not really a commercial for the Surface, but I think it’s hilarious!  I do wish that we could all get along though… Credits (per YouTube site): Produced by Edited, VFX by: Steven Hudson ( Filmed and Music arranged by: David Zimmermann ( Concept by: Forest Gibson ( Special thanks... Continue Reading →

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