RDP With AzureAD Accounts

In 2001 I purchased the Gateway desktop computer that I would be using for my certification journey. I had purchased seven classes from a training centre, and I now had two computers to study and prepare. One thing that I was thrilled to be able to do was to configure my server with Terminal Services, … Continue reading RDP With AzureAD Accounts

Certification Exams… At Home Again.

· I should go back and see just how many posts I have written about certifications… if I can count that high. It has long been a topic that I have been passionate about, and that has not changed. When I looked at my Microsoft Learning Transcript the other day I was surprised to see … Continue reading Certification Exams… At Home Again.

CAPTCHA… Working or Not?

We have all come across them, and some of them are more or less annoying. A CAPTCHA is usually a secondary verification system after we’ve entered our password to make sure that we are real, and it is not a bot (automated system) trying to access our account. I got a notification from a friend … Continue reading CAPTCHA… Working or Not?

Has it been that long?

The first public presentation that I delivered to a Microsoft community audience was the launch of Windows Server 2003 R2. As a user group leader at the time, I was sent a copy of the product, along with a lot of materials to help me to deliver the presentation in the MPR room at Microsoft’s … Continue reading Has it been that long?

Memories Of A World We Once Knew

Last week I was reminded of something that happened to me on the first day of either Kindergarten or Grade 1… I don’t remember which. I was either five or six years old; we were picked up in the morning by a big yellow school bus, and dropped off in the afternoon by the same. … Continue reading Memories Of A World We Once Knew

The Secrets of The French…

The first class that I took on Microsoft Windows was with a very nice French-Canadian instructor whose name I think was Denis. He told an interesting story that I wish I had retained the details of. He told us that following The Great War (WW1), the government of France decided that codes and secrets and … Continue reading The Secrets of The French…

Errors Unknown and Unknowable

Every so often I encounter a problem that needs to be escalated. This one had a lot of us scratching our heads for a couple of weeks.It is a French server, but in simple terms: When trying to run the Hybrid Configuration Wizard to connect the Exchange Server to Exchange Online, we ran into myriad … Continue reading Errors Unknown and Unknowable

LinkedIn Spam

I am sinking in spam.“Hi Mitch! I would love to connect with you on LinkedIn!” –Someone I’ve never heard of, but we might have mutual connections…Ok, I connect. Why? You can never know too many people professionally. From someone who has often been out of a job or between contracts, it is often important to … Continue reading LinkedIn Spam

Importing PowerShell Modules When You Cannot Install PowerShell Modules.

**Note: This article is written around a single PowerShell module (ExchangeOnlineManagement). However, the steps will work for any PowerShell module. Have at it! –MDGPS C:\> Install-Module -Name ExchangeOnlineManagement PackageManagement\Install-Package : No match was found for the specified search criteria and module name 'ExchangeOnlineManagement'. Try Get-PSRepository to see all available registered module repositories. At C:\program files\powershell\6\Modules\PowerShellGet\PSModule.psm1:9491 … Continue reading Importing PowerShell Modules When You Cannot Install PowerShell Modules.

Busting the Myth: Windows 11 Hardware Requirements

If you were to ask me to pinpoint the exact moment of IBM’s downfall and the great rise of Microsoft, it would be in the room in Armonk, New York where the IBM developers and the Microsoft developers were trying to create a new operating system for the new IBM-AT (based on the 16-bit 80286 … Continue reading Busting the Myth: Windows 11 Hardware Requirements