War and Sanctions and the Economic Casualties of War

I am in a quandary.This week, Russia invaded Ukraine. We can discuss the reasons behind it, but they are irrelevant. Simply put, Vladimir Putin wants to control the country, while the country wants to join NATO and the European Union. It is clear that Putin is a ruthless dictator who wants to rebuild the Russian … Continue reading War and Sanctions and the Economic Casualties of War

Troubleshooting Methodology

I was working on a project for a client recently that involved hundreds of accounts. I would test my process on a couple, make sure that it worked, and then run the script against the entire list. However before I moved the lot to the new location, my customer wanted his account to be a … Continue reading Troubleshooting Methodology

Creating AD User Accounts Using PowerShell

Whenever someone tells me that my insistence that domain controllers should never have a GUI (Graphical User Interface) I introduce them to the Remote Server Administration Tools, and all is well. Yes, you can manage your Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) from the comfort of your Windows 11 (or Windows 10) PC with the … Continue reading Creating AD User Accounts Using PowerShell

Disabling IPv6 with PowerShell

Let me preface this piece by saying that I usually do not disable IPv6. There are advantages to leaving it on (even if you think you are not using it) which I will not go into here. With that said, I was building a server for a lab environment recently, and IPv6 was interfering with … Continue reading Disabling IPv6 with PowerShell

Stackable Certifications

While I have been chasing Microsoft certifications for two decades, I never gave any real thought to CompTIA. I had nothing against them, I just never pursued them. And then a couple of years ago, a training broker reached out and asked me if I would deliver Network+ and Security+ courses for one of their … Continue reading Stackable Certifications

Another Exam Experience… a harrowing one!

Someone asked me recently why I used to prefer going into a testing centre to sit my certification exams. I told them that if anything went wrong, the staff had a direct line to get faster support, but that fewer things were likely to go wrong.This week I sat my third exam in the past … Continue reading Another Exam Experience… a harrowing one!

Back and Forth…

**AUTHOR’S NOTE: While I am not, strictly speaking, an IT Security Specialist, I do hold a number of security-related certifications; in my work as well as for my personal usage, I try to do everything securely. I am writing this article without having a full  understanding of the security behind the feature. I know that … Continue reading Back and Forth…

Wouldn’t You Know It?

Last Tuesday I passed a certification exam that was quite valuable. It was a difficult exam, but in the end the system congratulated me. I was extremely happy… and then I had to wait. Minutes, hours… it was not until the next morning that I received the email from CompTIA congratulating me on my new … Continue reading Wouldn’t You Know It?