To be, or not to be: If you are IT it is not your decision!

I made what I thought was a reasonably innocuous statement in front of an audience a few months ago, and couldn’t believe the pushback I got. Our job as the IT providers – whether as in-house providers or as contractors – is not to make decisions.  In fact, people are often amazed by how few... Continue Reading →

A Dichotomy of IT Conferences

As I fly south from Toronto I am heading to two separate and very different conferences.  I am new to neither one, and am looking forward to both.  As they are very different conferences, I am looking forward to them both in very different ways. SBS Migration – A Party with a Conference Theme The... Continue Reading →

Bringing Governments into the Modern World of IT

I recently attended Microsoft’s Canadian Leadership Summit in Redmond, where I had the opportunity to meet and chat with some amazing people. I overheard one conversation between two Canadian IT industry leaders who were lamenting the difficulties in getting various departments in different levels of government to adopt new technology, or more accurately to upgrade... Continue Reading →

70-659 Vouchers Giveaway!

Hey folks my friends at TekSource Corporate Learning ( in Toronto have told me that they have just received nine (9) more vouchers for the 70-659 exam (TS: Microsoft Windows Server 2008: Server Virtualization).  Knowing that so many of you were disappointed when Ruth (Technology Advisor, Microsoft Canada) announced that she was out of them,... Continue Reading →

Women in IT? Why Not?

I have been watching the ‘Women in IT’ movement grow over the past several years, and I truly do applaud women who want a career in IT.  However I do not think that women deserve any special consideration for being women in the professional world. A friend of mine, Melinda Thrasher, wrote a great article... Continue Reading →

CanIT! (Pro)

For years I have followed, worked with, and looked to the IT Evangelism team at Microsoft Canada for guidance and direction.  My first encounter with them probably dates back to 2003 (before there was an actual team), but I really started to get to know them in 2005.  When Rick Claus came to speak to... Continue Reading →

Who Pray Tell is Jack Oprah: Missing pieces are easier to contend with than wrong ones.

Although I have of late been on another ‘digging through the archives’ kick, I was reminded of this article from 2005 by a friend of mine who occasionally refers to it to remind me that I really can write about anything when I am so inspired.  Thanks for reminding me of that Jess!  Unfortunately I... Continue Reading →

Advances in Technology: It is vital to stay current, even when remembering the past.

I guess I am on another one of these kicks… traveling back down memory lane.  I dug up this article from the archives, and I remember sitting down to write it the first time I ever checked into a hotel in Redmond, Washington.  What is more fun about this article is that it took me... Continue Reading →

IT Virtualization Boot Camp

Hey folks!  The IT Professionals Community of Greater Toronto and Microsoft Canada are getting together to bring you this amazing opportunity!  This Saturday (January 21st) and next Monday (January 23rd) we are doing a full-day Virtualization Boot Camp!  The cost is only $25, with Damir Bersenic (Senior IT Pro Advisor, Microsoft Canada) leading the way... Continue Reading →

Advice for IT Pros Planning to Open their Own Companies, Part III

In the first article of this series, Advice for IT Pros Planning to Open their Own Companies, I explained a bit of my own history, and why I was writing these articles.  The actual advice is split into sixteen points, the first eight were listed in my next article, Advice for IT Pros Planning to... Continue Reading →

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