Quoted by Microsoft Learning!

It is kind of cool when I find out that Microsoft Learning wants to feature a quote of mine on one of their pages.  Veronica Sopher and I met in Redmond (well, Bellevue actually) in February and discussed at length some of the steps that Microsoft Learning is taking to engage the community, specifically MCTs. ... Continue Reading →

Where Do Ethics Fit?

As a longtime supporter of Microsoft and a believer in and advocate of its products, I have often been confronted by others about the evils of Microsoft, ranging from how historically Microsoft has bullied or bought out competitors to how expensive and flawed their products are. The products that Microsoft releases are now considered some... Continue Reading →

Need Help With Software Licensing? Read On…

I have been asked by some friends at Microsoft Canada to post this article (and two others) for you.  Please feel free to provide any feedback, but I hope the resources and information are useful! -Mitch Figuring out which software licensing options best suit your needs while being cost-effective can be confusing. Some businesses end... Continue Reading →

A Brief History of how Microsoft (and others) Changed the World… Part 2

On July 7, 2011 I posted the first instalment of what started out as a short article for BackBone Magazine, and soon developed (and continues to morph) into something else completely.  You can read the first part here: https://garvis.ca/2011/07/07/a-brief-history-of-how-microsoft-and-others-changed-the-world-part-1/ This is the second part of the article, and it starts to get interesting if you... Continue Reading →

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